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Achievement isn’t measured by age. There are individuals will’s identity where they need to be a considerable measure prior in life, and there are the individuals who will arrive significantly later. Be that as it may, there are authentic desires.

As a person, a man for this situation, individuals anticipate that you will have accomplished certain things when you turn 30. Here’s a rundown of those things.


1. Be rationally develop. Development isn’t an age thing, however in the event that by 30 years, despite everything you can’t tell appropriate from wrong, and settle on choices that will propel your motivation, you may set yourself up for disappointment.

2. Be in a genuine relationship. If not wedded at this point, at that point you should be in a genuine relationship and preparing to settle down soon.

3. Be Educated (formally or casually). You more likely than not accomplished a first degree or if nothing else, graduated as a qualified craftsman in a picked field of intrigue.


4. Have a Home of your own. Could be rented, bought or built. Nobody expects that by 30, you’re still living with your parent(s) and feeding off of them. You can live in a property owned by them anyway, as long as you’re getting your own apartment.

5. Be employed or have a business. Whichever you want to pursue, do it. Either you have a good paying job, even when it’s below what you really want or think you deserve. Or pursue some business idea. Make something out of it, and do good for yourself and family.

6. Be responsible. At this time of your life, you’re expected to have let go of certain lifestyles and habits. Be responsible to yourself and those around you.

7. Be fully independent – At 30, you’re no longer mom’s boy. You’re no longer dad’s man either, you should be your own man, and should be able to take decisions (with or without advice). You must be your own boss in that department

8. Have a set goal – As a man at 30, you should have set and defined goals, a mental picture of where you want to be in the nearest future. Could be two, three years from your current position.

9. Know how to drive a car. Even if you don’t immediately own a car, you should have attained training in driving to a large extent – an opportunity could open up or an emergency that would require you driving a car.

10. Have some savings. You should have a saving plan, for the future, family and a retirement plan.

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