Wedding engagement is a must to wed (or be hitched by) one you think about. This guarantee is regularly spoken to by a ring worn on the third finger. It is a critical phase of a relationship and talks a considerable measure about how far the relationship has come.

Throughout the years, the custom has advanced. In prior years, it was less complicated and less ceremonious, yet nowadays, it’s generally detailed. Growing up, the vast majority of us didn’t realize what an engagement party was. Engagements were unobtrusively done, and the declaration made just to dear loved ones later


In recent years, the need to bring in the element of surprise has taken the ritual to another level. People now throw engagement parties, with friends and family present before they pop the question, and put the ring on it. It’s not a dangerous shift from norm, after all, change is a constant, but it’s important that we do not misunderstand the significance of engagement. Unfortunately, a lot of people are blinded/distracted by the ritual that they forget what the reality is.

While engagement is a show of the willingness and desire to marry, it’s not a guarantee of the person’s readiness. So it’s important that we look a lot deeper than the obvious. Getting engaged should not stop you from continuing to study your partner to know if they’re indeed the one. That is the reason you have space in between your engagement and wedding. Do not look away, and assume everything is settled, you may be in for a marital surprise.

It’s also essential to know that just because they popped the question doesn’t mean they’ll marry you eventually. As I already mentioned, while engagement may indicate willingness and desire, it doesn’t portray readiness. Readiness is everything in a relationship. Are they ready to move on for real? Are you the one they want to do that with? We have seen countless cases of last-minute engagement call-offs, and we’ve seen marriages crumble in just a matter of weeks. So it’s not about getting engaged really, but doing so with the right person.

It doesn’t matter how elaborate or ceremonious your engagement is; it should not change you. It should not make you change your thinking. Do not let your guard down. Don’t stop asking those questions, and don’t stop looking out for your best interest. Expect the worst could still happen, and that way, you’re not taken unawares if something does go awry. Of course, we all want the best for us all, but sometimes, to get the best, you have to understand that ‘worse’ exists

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